Synchro gripper


Synchro gripper

The Synchro grab is suitable for lifting circular loads that are positively gripped underneath. The gripping claws are mounted on trolleys and are moved by a revolving chain drive. By turning the central hand crank, the gripping claws move synchronously in the desired direction. The opening and closing of the grab as well as the adjustment to changing load diameters is done in a flash just by operating the hand crank.

Technical features at a glance

  • With 3 interchangeable gripping claws
  • Locking by means of high-quality locking pins
  • Can be used as internal and external gripper by turning the claws
  • Easy running adjustment by trolleys
  • One-handed operation through synchronous power transmission from the crank to all gripping claws
  • Locking against unintentional opening
  • Crane side with 3 pieces VLBS, suitable for 3-strand hangers
  • Available with galvanised or painted surface

Your advantages at a glance

  • Enormous acceleration of crane transports – lift different series with only one gripper
  • The simple operating principle of the hand crank simplifies the work process for the user
  • Circular loads are centred automatically – save subsequent adjustment


Claws with secutex coating for lifting sensitive loads