Loading forks with automatic weight compensation

Loading forks

Loading forks with automatic weight compensation

Loading forks are ideal for transporting pallets, box pallets and other bundled loads close to the ground by crane. Thanks to a height adjustment and the laterally adjustable tines, the Axzion loading forks can be perfectly adapted to the various loads. As standard pallets and mesh pallets have a length of 1200mm, the Axzion loading forks are specifically designed for the load centre of gravity at 600 mm.

Variant LS: Fixed loading height 1300mm (not height-adjustable)

SH version: Flexible loading height 1300 – 2000mm (height adjustable)

The Axzion loading forks adjust themselves automatically to the nominal load centre of gravity via the traversing eye and gas pressure spring. The load centre of gravity must be above the tine centre.
The loading fork may only be lifted when the traversing eye has reached its load position at the front stop. When empty, the traversing eye is pressed against the rear stop by the wear-free gas pressure spring and automatically hangs horizontally. For a safe function of the automatic counterbalance, at least 20 % of the nominal load must act on the tines.

  • Load centre: 600mm
  • Fork length: 1000mm
  • Inner height: 1300mm
  • Fork adjustment range: 450-900mm
  • Also designed for longitudinal transport
  • Solid construction made of robust hollow profiles
  • With traversing eye suitable for crane hooks DIN 15041
  • With wear-free gas pressure spring
  • Compact forks, laterally adjustable


  • Forged load tines, thus smaller tine cross-sections
  • Safety cage
  • 2×2 pieces LBS 3 t in the back area, suitable for attaching 2 lashing straps
  • secutex tine coating