Axzion reversible pulley with round sling

Turning rolls

Axzion reversible pulley with round sling

Super handy with Magnum-X heavy duty round slings

The Axzion Pulleys can be used for lifting and turning complete steel tower segments. The load-side equipment with the high-strength SpanSet Magnum-X heavy-duty round slings makes the application super handy. The turning rollers with stainless steel pins have been developed with self-lubricating bearings and are maintenance-free. The eye stiffeners reinforced with wire rope slings are suitable for continuous use with shackles. On the crane side, the turning rollers have robust Magnum round slings. When used in pairs, load capacities of 200 t are possible. Axzion Pulleys are also available with a transport and storage rack on request and the use of chains or wire mesh belts is also possible if required.


  • Crane side with round sling suspension
  • Load side with MagnumX and standard shackle
  • Double roller for sling deflection