Nacelle Spreader Beam

Nacelle Spreader Beam

Controlled lifting even with heavy forces

The largest and most difficult part of a wind turbine to lift is the engine room or nacelle. Offshore or on land, the loads are enormous and assembly cranes often reach their limits. The large nacelles are almost impossible to control from the crane and manual forces or holding rope systems are no longer up to the task. Due to the different the centre of gravity of the nacelle cannot always be directly under the crane hook, which causes the heavy load toheavy load to tip over.

Nacelle Spreader Beams have an adjustable hook on the crane side, into which the load can be locked into place. Whether hydraulic cylinder or spindle drive, with or without built-in power pack, Axzion Nacelle Spreader -Beam is suitable for any application. The load-side attachment points can be adapted to the respective machine room and the round slings can be adjusted correctly. Expensive damage can be avoided.

Safe control through radio remote control

When working offshore, we can measure possible frequency disturbances on deck and then adjust the supplied and then adjust the supplied remote control accordingly. Safety-critical functions are blocked by key systems blocked. The functions can only be used when the safely deposited second key is used.

Transmission of function messages via WLAN is possible. An analysis via remote maintenance can be carried out without any problems.

Perfect centre of gravity with the nacelle crossbeam

  • Attachment points for tether systems
  • With hydraulic cylinder or spindle drive
  • Bollard suspension for round slings
  • Can be controlled by radio remote control