Tower gripper

Tower gripper

Reducing construction times offshore

“Time is money”, this is especially true in the offshore industry. The cost of installation vessels is spectacularly high and the weather can change rapidly at any time. By installing pre-assembled towers, offshore construction times can be significantly reduced.

The Axzion Complete Tower Gripper offers a perfect solution for this. With the strong gripper, the pre-assembled towers can first be lifted gently and safely on board the ship and later placed on the respective foundation in the wind farm. The gripper jaws are protected with secutex impact protection so that the quality flanges are not scratched or damaged when holding the towers.

The grippers are purely mechanical and require no external power supply. This makes the Axzion Complete Tower Gripper in the 300 t, 450 t and 650 t lifting capacity versions perfect for the harsh offshore conditions. In problem situations, the grab can be locked either manually or by radio remote control.

For the vertical transport of towers ready for assembly

  • Gripping force of 300 t, 450 t and 650 t
  • Gripper jaws with secutex impact protection protect against damage
  • Large working platform with camera system
  • Can be controlled manually or by remote control
  • PPE attachment points