Tower tool kit

Tower tool kit

Axzion Tower Tool Kit – all the necessary components perfectly matched to each other

Load handling equipment for the wind energy industry must be easy to operate and particularly safe. Many successfully completed offshore and onshore projects confirm the correctness of the Axzion Tower Tool Kit.

All the necessary individual parts for lifting and erecting steel towers are matched to each other, tested and certified. Furthermore, all system components of the Tower Tool Kit originate from the development and manufacture of the SpanSet Group. SpanSet Axzion also prepares the operating instructions and arranges the necessary calculations for the respective projects. This is a real added value, because now the customer does not have to put together the individual components from different manufacturers himself. He gets a tool kit in which all the individual parts are optimally matched to each other or even produced for the respective, special purpose. SpanSet Axzion assists the customer in all processes and assumes the liability risks for the delivered overall system.

The set consists of:

  • Pulley
  • Vario-J-Hook
  • Magnum-X
  • Vario-TAP