Q1 – Advice

Precise planning guarantees perfect function

Starting in the planning phase, intensive contact with the user enables us to work out the optimum concept for the requirements. The design with the most modern 3D CAD systems and computer-aided calculation programs (FEM) enables us to edit or make changes at any time. A trained team of experienced consultants brings the full potential of a wide range of problem solutions to the consultation. In the process, the application technician is happy to come to the customer’s premises to get a picture of the respective application conditions and requirements directly on site. In the case of special internal conditions, a more detailed risk analysis may be necessary, for which we are glad to be at the customer’s disposal.

We advise you correctly

The right advice is always a question of your own possibilities. As a manufacturer, we are always in a position to find the right solution for you.

This applies to both a price- and a solution-oriented approach. Approx. 84 % of modified standard or individual solutions from our company speak a clear language here:

Only about every sixth load handling device that leaves our company is a standard solution.

Thanks to its own design and production, Axzion has a large number of individual design elements at its disposal, which can be combined into a complete solution in modular form if required. In this way, even customised products can be realised in a very short delivery time. For the customer, this means receiving exactly the right solution – regardless of whether it is a cost-effective standard solution or an individual customisation.

The position of the load centre of gravity

The load’s centre of gravity is always exactly under the crane hook, if necessary the load will tilt accordingly together with the load handling attachment. It should be noted that the unplanned inclination of a lifting beam may be max. 6° according to DIN EN 13155. This specification must be taken into account in the design. Angles of inclination exceeding 6° must be specified separately and secured by special design measures. If the load is attached below the load’s centre of gravity, this can lead to an unstable position, which in the worst case can result in a load overturn.

The exact position of the load’s centre of gravity and the position of the attachment points must be known at the time of construction. Special constructional measures may be necessary. For the technical advice that is absolutely necessary in this case, Axzion is at the customer’s side with its professional know-how.