Q3 – Material

Optimum function through the best components

Only with good components can a safe and good solution be produced. We have been working for many years only with the best steel suppliers, so the tested steels in blasted quality are mainly purchased from Arcelor, UnionStahl, ThyssenKrupp and Carl Spaeter.

When selecting the heavy plates to be processed, we focus on fine-grain structural steels with high strength and toughness characteristics, in addition to optimum weldability (e.g. low cold cracking tendency) and very good machinability. Thus, the choice often falls on different thermomechanically rolled steel grades (also called TM steels for short).

The stainless steels used must have excellent resistance to a variety of aggressive media and thus high oxidation resistance. Here, the choice falls predominantly on so-called austenitic stainless steels (non-magnetic), whose Ni content corresponds to ≥ 2.5 % (from material number 1.44…).

Core components

The chain components come mainly from RUD Kettenfabrik in Aalen, shackles from van Beest and the wire ropes from Henschel. Renowned drop forges, such as Peter Schöttler in Hagen, supply us with the crane hooks and suspension eyes.


SpanSet secutex is the leading manufacturer of plastic parts for material protection. Thanks to our own high-performance mould construction department, special solutions can be produced quickly and cost-effectively. Optimum planning is important: secutex impact protection elements are an integral part of the load suspension device supplied. The wearing parts can be replaced quickly and easily.


And the textile slings, such as lifting slings and round slings, naturally come from the parent company SpanSet. The large production facility in Übach-Palenberg allows for lifting solutions even in the “super” heavy-duty range. Repairs and express deliveries guarantee high availability of the lifting equipment we supply.