Q7 – Services​

Periodic inspections

According to accident prevention regulations, load handling equipment must be inspected at certain intervals to ensure that it is in a safe condition.

We employ highly qualified crane experts, welding specialists, electrical engineers and hydraulic specialists in our service department. These employees have the necessary qualifications and assume responsibility for compliance with legal regulations.

Repairs and maintenance

We carry out regular maintenance work on site. In doing so, our service staff have several qualifications, faults are quickly identified and directly rectified. If a component is not in stock, we are able to manufacture replacements at short notice thanks to our highly efficient production facilities.

Training and operation

Our lifting specialists pass on their knowledge to ensure the smooth operation of your load handling device and the lifting operations to be carried out. Practical seminars and workshops contribute to this just as much as personal training directly on site. Sometimes the lifting processes are particularly critical. In this case, our lifting specialists can take over the operation of the load handling equipment for you.