Coil hook without counterweight


Coil hook without counterweight

For low-cost handling of coils and slit strips.

Robust construction made of high-quality steel, of course with material test certificate. Under load, the carrying tine points upwards by approx. 3°. Working with the coil hook without counterweight is only possible with smaller coils, as the coil hook has to be inserted into the coil by hand.

Optional: With secutex impact protection on the inside of the back and/or on the top of the tines.

Short descriptionLoad capacity (kg)Inner height (mm)Tine length (mm)Tine width (mm)Eye level
Eye width (mm) Weight (netto) (kg)
500kg, 100mm5005001001080405
Coil hook without counterweight, 500kg, 200mm5005002001080406
Coil hook without counterweight, 1000kg, 100mm100060010010100507
Coil hook without counterweight, 1000kg, 100mm1000600200151005014
Coil hook without counterweight, 2000kg, 300mm2000800300201306531