Efficient Offshore Wind Turbine Installation: Successful Use of the Upending Tool at the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle

Our recent operation at the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle, France, was a complete success. The Upending Tool (UET) once again demonstrated its superior performance and versatility. In this blog post, we want to detail this impressive application and the advantages of our tool.

Project Overview

In April 2024, the Upending Tool was installed at the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle to lift and position monopiles for offshore wind turbines. Despite challenging conditions, the entire setup was completed in just 1.5 weeks. This is another example of the efficiency and reliability of our tool, specifically designed for the heavy and large monopiles of modern offshore wind turbines.

Technical Specifications

The Upending Tool has a weight of approximately 90 tons and can lift monopiles weighing up to 1,850 tons. It is remotely controlled and has a redundant design to ensure high reliability. This means that even if one system fails, operations can continue without interruption.

The Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

A crucial part of the commissioning process is the Site Acceptance Test (SAT). This test ensures that the tool meets all requirements and standards before it goes into regular operation. The SAT in La Rochelle included:

  • Component Inspection: Each part of the Upending Tool was thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.
  • Safety Tests: Extensive safety tests were conducted to ensure the safety of operations.
  • Detailed Trial Run: The tool was tested under real conditions to verify its functionality and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: All tests and results were thoroughly documented to ensure complete traceability and transparency.

Advantages of the Upending Tool

Our tool offers significant advantages over traditional systems:

  • Time Savings: The quick installation and commissioning significantly reduce overall project time.
  • Versatility: The tool can grip and clamp monopiles with or without flanges, making it an extremely flexible solution for various project specifications.
  • Safety: The redundant systems and extensive tests ensure that operations can be carried out safely and reliably.


The deployment of the Upending Tool in La Rochelle began on May 22, 2024, and will last approximately one year. We are proud to contribute to the advancement of offshore wind energy and look forward to future projects where our tool can demonstrate its strengths again.