SBI blade traverse

SBI blade traverse

Problem-free assembly in strong breezes

Usually, the rotor of a wind turbine is mounted lying down and then completely lifted and fixed. However, this method is only possible in low winds, as gusts could overload the crane. Waiting times are therefore not uncommon during the assembly phase.

For work in stronger winds, SpanSet Axzion has therefore worked with a manufacturer of wind turbines to develop a 20 m long and only 8 t heavy lifting beam called Variobeam for the single-blade assembly of horizontal rotor blades. The crossbeam can also be used if there is not enough space for the horizontal mounting of the rotor. Variobeam can be dismantled and has plug-in connections with additional flange fastening. The individual elements of the truss are a maximum of 3 m long. The spigot is inserted into the precisely fitting counterpart and the flange screws are used for permanent fastening. Another advantage is the automatic hook with radio control, with which the lifting strap loop on the root side can be easily dropped at the push of a button.

Item-Nr.NameLoad capacity [kg]

Telescopic SBI rotor blade cross beam for load capacities up to 25 t

The SBI rotor blade lifting beam 25 t lite for the assembly and disassembly of rotor blades is quick and easy to set up and can be adapted to almost all geometries of different rotor blades. Hydraulic pressure plates grip the centre of gravity of the rotor blade and ensure reliable blade retention. The robust cross-beam “made in Germany” has a maximum load capacity of 25 t and is operated via a PLC control and a battery case. Opening and closing of the hold-downs is possible by remote control.

The C-frames of the lifting beam are telescopic and thus very small and handy, which is advantageous for transport. Only a 40-foot container is needed, which also makes it easy to transport to the site of operation by ship.

Item-Nr.NameLoad capacity [kg]
01986-06SBI-Traverse lite25.000

The rotor blade traverse for almost all rotor blades

The individually adaptable SBI rotor blade traverse “customised” with telescopic C-frame grips around the centre of gravity of the blade and is ideally suited for the assembly and disassembly of a wide variety of rotor blades with almost all geometries. Tilting of +/- 5° is possible via the hydraulic cylinder. Another advantage of the single-blade assembly compared to the star assembly is the significantly lower space consumption. The SBI lifting beam has a maximum load capacity of 30 t and is operated via a PLC control with remote control and a battery case. Equipped with two large LED spotlights, work is possible even in poor visibility conditions.

Full service for smooth operation

Due to the variability in length, transport to the site is possible with a standard truck, which contributes to economic efficiency. The open design ensures good accessibility to all components, which significantly simplifies the handling of the truss. The integrated emergency power supply ensures that there is no standstill during assembly. As with all Axzion load handling attachments, worldwide support with optional “round-the-clock assistance” and possible remote maintenance contribute to a full service. All spare parts are also available at short notice if required.

Item-Nr.NameLoad capacity [kg]
00649-04SBI-Traverse customized25.000 bis 30.000

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