Q5 – Drives and control technology

Intelligent load handling devices increasingly have electromechanical or hydraulic drives. Here, the standard elements from mechanical engineering are often insufficient because they are not dimensioned strongly enough or are not fault-tolerant. Failure of the load handling attachment must be absolutely reliably ruled out. The load must be held safely under all circumstances. The demands on the control systems are also extremely high, so that the systems have to be designed redundantly in some cases.


Hydraulic cylinder

Axzion has the appropriate processing machines and manufactures the large lifting cylinders itself. The attachment points are dimensioned to withstand the load and the seals are sourced from qualified suppliers. The delivery times for such cylinders are often extremely long. We can supply replacements at short notice.


Hydraulic drives

Axzion has the hydraulic drives for the offshore sector built to its own specifications. These very compact drives have two hydraulic pumps that sit on a common tank. If the main pump should ever fail, the lifting operation can be easily terminated by the auxiliary pump.


Hydraulic components

The components, such as valves or hoses, are mainly purchased from a supplier represented throughout Europe, so that replacements can be supplied at very short notice. System-relevant valves are partly designed redundantly so that the failure of a component does not lead to a system failure.




Axzion has the generators for offshore operation delivered according to its own specifications. Two generators always work in parallel. If one of the two should fail, the second can complete the lifting process.


Electric drives

Only electric drives from renowned German manufacturers are installed, which have proven their suitability many times over. The design is suitable for the load, and the difficult conditions during lifting operations are generously taken into account.



The controls have a modular design and have been tested many times. Assembly is carried out by our own electrical engineers. This means that the control system can be tested directly and adjusted if necessary.