Success Story: SpanSet Axzion’s Tower Tool Kit – Versatility Beyond the Wind Energy Sector!

Successful Application of SpanSet Axzion’s Tower Tool Kit in General Industry

At SpanSet Axzion, we are proud to announce another successful project completion. Venturing beyond our known work in the wind industry, we have employed our Tower Tool Kit in a new domain: the construction of an industrial mast!

Rapid and Efficient Delivery to Rosch Industrieservice In an industry where every second counts, speed is essential. Our team managed to deliver the required components of the Tower Tool Kit to Rosch Industrieservice in record time. This underlines our commitment to providing real value in every situation.

Contents of the Tower Tool Kit:

  • Pulley
  • Vario-J-Hook
  • Magnum-X (textile round sling)
  • Vario-TAP

With these high-quality tools and aids, we guarantee efficiency and safety in industrial tasks.

Comprehensive Solutions from SpanSet Axzion Our Tower Tool Kit is more than just a product – it’s a complete solution. We take on liability risks and ensure that all components are perfectly coordinated. This allows our customers to focus entirely on their core business.