Wind industry

Long-time partner of the wind industry 

The requirements in lifting technology, load securing and height safety are particularly high in the onshore and offshore industry. The constructions and installations are strictly monitored. Especially in the offshore sector, wind and waves can be enormous dynamic forces and make working on the high seas very dangerous.
With the SpanSet Group, the industry has a partner at its side who, with subsidiaries in all major industrialised countries and an international network of factory representatives, is the global specialist for lifting and securing loads.

SpanSet Axzion

SpanSet Axzion is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of load handling attachments. The wind energy sector in particular – especially the offshore sector – has benefited from the special solutions for years. The development of individual solutions is the norm here: more than 80 % of all lifting devices are one-offs, i.e. special solutions for special tasks in the areas of lifting, gripping or turning. Developed and manufactured in Germany, the lifting equipment stands for the highest quality standards in the material used, the processing, the documentation, the procedure tests and the service.

Made in Germany 

Langenfeld und Neustrelitz: Special solutions for the onshore and offshore industry. 

In Langenfeld and Neustrelitz, SpanSet Axzion develops and manufactures around 1,200 hoists a year for customers worldwide. Products are created here under strict supervision in the in-house development and production, starting from the steel to the finished lifting equipment. The company premises in Neustrelitz are also home to a unique test tower that enables tests on load handling and lifting equipment of up to 2,300t.

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