Upending tool FAT

Release granted! SpanSet Axzion has handed over its largest ever built upending tool to the customer. The grab will soon be erecting monopiles weighing up to 1,800 tons at an offshore wind farm in Taiwan. At the end of January, the customer inspected and approved all functions at the Axzion site in Neustrelitz (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Subsequently, the just assembled Upending Tool was disassembled into its main assemblies again for transport. The first destination was the port of Emden for further tests. Subsequently, the XXL gripper was loaded onto a ship in Hamburg for shipment to Taiwan. There, the uppending tool will be used in so-called floating offshore installations in deep seawater. Monopiles are getting bigger and heavier. In order to test the new uppending tool with its lifting capacity of 1,800 tons, Axzion had to expand its test rig at the end of 2021.